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( -/- )
3.6.04 09:37
dont you know, that souls connected in Love can never loose each other?
Love is our only true nature
to develop pure and unconditional Love between all people, creatures, nature and especially for Great Spirit and also for ourselves - that is the lesson we have come on earth to learn

so resurrect your soul from dreams of frailties
into the light of eternal wisdom
bring into play the almighty power that is within you,
so that on the stage of life
you can fulfill your high destined role.

( -/- )
31.5.04 19:57
You came to earth to accomplish a divine mission :re - member who you really are!!

Realize how tremendously important that is!
Do not allow the narrow ego to obstruct your
attainment of an infinite goal.

Once you wanted me to tell you about the meaning of Life -
this is my real purpose...and I lost sight of it for a short while-
are you really still interested in that question?

( -/- )
17.5.04 21:20
never trust a smiling cat ;-))

forgot something
( -/- )
12.4.04 22:04
there is someone 6000 miles away......
who loves you with all ....threefold...
body, mind and soul!

( -/- )
12.4.04 22:02
I am the servant ready to serve all needy minds with my simple advice, with my gifts of healing truth, and with my humble wisdom gathered in the shrine of silence.
My highest ambition is to establish a temple of soul silence in every person I meet.
Beginning with the early dawn each day, I will radiate joy to everyone I meet.
I will be mental sunshine for all who cross my path.
I will burn candles of smiles in the bosoms of the joyless.
Before the unfading light of my cheer, darkness will take flight.
I AM a Warrior of Light
I AM a Spark from the Infinite.
I am not flesh and bone.

( -/- )
5.4.04 09:21
Love is a state of Being.
Your love is not outside;
it is deep within you.
You can never lose it,
and it cannot leave you.

( -/- )
4.4.04 15:14
I have seen your soul yesterday.
It looked directly out of your eyes - what a beauty and purity.....painted like the wings of butterflies...(Mr. Mercury used to sing)
My heart deeply would wish to help unfold
these bright and unexperienced soulwings
for a safe and colourful flight Home to Great Spirit -
lets fly through time and space into Eternity!

its me
( -/- )
27.3.04 20:02
to the most talented poet
what a really GREAT quote!! Its just perfect
....and I really know what you mean ;-))

"Look at the perpetual current of emotions and thoughts that arise within you. Go into the heart of your aspirations, dreams, hopes, and despairs.
Dive deep into the mute cravings of your inner understanding with your highest intelligence, wisdom, love and vision.
Then your creativity will shine out in this world so it can touch and transform souls of like-vibrations."
...for that ily

( / Website )
14.3.04 00:46
der Titel gefällt mir voll gut! dein letzter Beitrag könnte auch von mir sein..

( / Website )
7.12.03 13:15
mh, find die farben nicht schlecht. aber die schriftfarbe ist schlecht zu lesen*s*
nya, s soll ja auch kein schaufenster sein.
liebe grüße,

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